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PARNET-TIC 2 project approved
15 de September, 2014
At 29 of April of 2014, Deputation de A Coruña presented the proposal of Project PARNET-TIC 2 to the 5ª Call of the Operative Program SUDOE 2007-2013.

At 30 of May of 2014, SUDOE programme communicate to Deputation de A Coruña that the PARNET-TIC 2 project has been approved with ERDF global founds of 488.269,79 €.

The PARNET-TIC 2 project has a period of execution from the 1 of June of 2014 until the 31 of May of 2015.

PARNET-TIC 2 project arises in order to reduce the unemployment rates especially in half size populations in rural areas, through the capitalisation, improvement and diffusion of the results of the Project PARNET-TIC, aiming the use of the new technologies to
the research and creation of employment especially those employments considered green or eco - employments.

For more information, can consult the page official web of the project here: