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PARNET-TIC 2 project approved
15 September, 2014
At 29 of April of 2014, Deputation de A Coruña presented the proposal of Project PARNET-TIC 2 to the 5ª Call of the Operative Program SUDOE 2007-2013.

At 30 of May of 2014, SUDOE programme communicate to Deputation de A Coruña that the PARNET-TIC 2 project has been approved with ERDF global founds of 488.269,79 €.

The PARNET-TIC 2 project has a period of execution from the 1 of June of 2014 until the 31 of May of 2015.

PARNET-TIC 2 project arises in order to reduce the unemployment rates especially in half size populations in rural areas, through the capitalisation, improvement and diffusion of the results of the Project PARNET-TIC, aiming the use of the new technologies to
the research and creation of employment especially those employments considered green or eco - employments.

For more information, can consult the page official web of the project here:
PARNET-TIC Final Newsletter has been published
24 April, 2012
The Final Newsletter of the PARNET-TIC Project contains the next issues: Approaching e-administration to the citizenship. Parnet-tic applications. Guidas and manuals for use. Parnet-tic in the VI Autumn Fair. Interview with Víctor Salgado, lawyer with specialization in Computer Law. Antonio Cosculluela, President of Diputación de Huesca speaks: "The implementarion of technology is the best formula we have found to bring services closer to citizens". monologue about new technologies. Parnet-tic dissemination days. Final Special Thanks.

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PARNET-TIC Apps available
16 April, 2012
Parnet-tic Apps are available for everybody interested in their use.
Please, follow the next link:
Dissemination Days of PARNET-TIC Project
21 November, 2011
PARNET-TIC Project, with financial support from the European Union territorial cooperation programme SUDOE (ERDF), it is a Project led by Diputación de A Coruña and its main aim is to improve local service provision and citizen participation.

On November 21st, 24th, 28th, 29th and 30th and December 1st 2011, the Dissemination Days of the Project will be held and the applications developed by PARNET-TIC will be presented. It will be an international multiple-venue event in which interconnected activities will be performed with the collaboration of the partners of PARNET-TIC Project: Câmara Municipal of Águeda in Portugal, Lugo city council, and Diputaciones of Lugo, A Coruña, Huesca and Almería.

The content of the program is inspired by the need to reduce the digital divide at local level and to promote the information and participation in the management of policies and administrative areas, as well as to transfer good practices as a key tool for public local management and to advance towards policies to implement participatory democracy.

The main purpose of these Dissemination Days is to raise awareness of the importance of access, without exceptions, to Information Society and, at the same time, to offer information and resolve doubts about software solutions and ICT tools developed by the Project.

National experts and prominent representatives of the sectors involved in the incorporation of ICTs to the local political process will show the advantages that implementation and extensive use of electronic administration tools offer the citizens.
The first one of the Dissemination Days will be in Águeda (Portugal), on November 21st, in Câmara Municipal. It will be followed by Lugo, on November 24th, in Centro de Innovación Social CIS; by A Coruña, on November 28th, in Diputación Provincial de A Coruña; by Huesca, on November 29th and 30th, in Almudévar and Panticosa city councils, respectively; and finally, by Almería, on November 30th and December 1st, both in Edificio de Servicios Múltiples of Diputación de Almería.

On November 28th, in the conference hall Juanjo Gallo in the 6th floor of Diputación Provincial de A Coruña, the Dissemination Day of this city will take place, beginning at 10 am with an opening speech given by Antonio Cañás Varela, diputado provincial. Afterwards, Manuel Vázquez Sesmonde, head of Planning, Territorial Development and European Union Service of Diputación de A Coruña, will announce the conclusions and results of PARNET-TIC. Right after, the following issues will be tackled: Information Society by Pedro Martin (Director of the National Observatory on Telecommunication and Information Society) on video conference; the Modernization of Public Administration by Juan Carlos Forján Gómez (Head of Electronic Administration Service of Xunta de Galicia); and the Rights of Citizenship in the 2.0 Society by Víctor Salgado (Pintos & Salgado Law Firm, specializing in Information Technology Law). The last part of the morning will be devoted to a round table to deal with “PARNET-TIC Project on the spot: the Antennas as a link with the citizenship”, with Manuel Veloso (Consultant partner of SIMCE Consultants and member of the external evaluation team of PARNET-TIC) as the chairperson. The closing will be at 1.45 pm.

Under the theme “Wherever you are, Internet within your reach. A new administration in your hands”, these Dissemination Days will tackle the three strategic axis PARNET-TIC has worked on and which have led to the creation of a number of products and services: a Transnational Network for participation and digital services in rural areas, e-administration digital services for the citizenship (SISCON, SISMS and SISGEO tools) and a Transnational Platform for Citizen Participation.

Free admission. Streaming broadcasting.

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PARNET-tic project is present in a rural fair of Lugo
31 October, 2011

The City Council of Lugo was present on Sunday at the Autumn Fair VI in the parish of Coeses an information stand of the European Project Parnet-tic, in order that citizens know this project and the activities being undertaken in call centres rural areas, through a training program with different courses on offer on new technologies. These activities are organized by the Department of General Services and Administrative Modernization, directed by Francisco Fraga.

Information was also provided on the four applications implemented with this project: System Location and Geo-referenced Information Platform for SMS, Information Platform Point Geo-referenced Clean and Consultation System. These applications offer new services to rural citizens and create a communication channel between the smooth and effective citizens, businesses and City Hall.

Project Members Parnet-Tic gave information about this project, encouraging the spread of it, exploiting the potential of the fair, because they came to the area many residents in rural parishes, and other nearby areas and the city of Lugo.

The stand of project Parnet-Tic was easily identifiable by a display and a counter with the logo of the project, and reported to everyone who came.

The fair was organized by the Cultural Association, Youth and Neighbourhoods "O Castro" from Coeses, and with the collaboration of the City Council of Lugo, of Moega and of AgrupaLugo.