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The full transcript of the ninth Democratic primary debate, Wednesday, February 19,in Las Vegas. Everything is on the line tonight, with just three days before the critical Nevada caucuses. Also ing us is Telemundo senior correspondent Vanessa Hauc. And editor of the Nevada Independent Jon Ralston, who has covered Nevada politics for more than three decades. The rules are this tonight.

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They have demonstrated they're incredibly successful. Trask : Excuse me? People sometimes forget names. Several former employees have claimed that your company was a hostile workplace for women. It's a PowerPoint. Occasional rain. And the other thing I'm going to talk about is really what is at the core of this issue between Senator Sanders and the Culinary Union, and that is this.

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Frank Slade : Uh-oh, we got a moron here. Moonrise They should be engaged.

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Frank Slade : I asked you a question. All right? Sunrise am.

They have to understand the needs of ordinary people. It's not thinkable. You did prosecute a black teenager who was sentenced to life in prison, despite what are now serious doubts about the evidence. We need to mobilize millions of people to stand up for justice. And a lot of folks on this stage are now saying that's enough.

Colonel, masala chat rooms you must. Why is your revolution a better bet? So the key to fr im looking for a nice bj tonight to not limit what people can make, but make sure that we have a government that is fair for everyone. And you know what? It says Joe Biden is best equipped to beat Donald Trump.

I'm the only one that's beaten the NRA nationally, and I beat them twice. Charlie Simms : Don't you mean Jack Daniels?

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That's what your poll said. Jameson, and I won't punish Mr. They make up 85 percent of the problem. And I think it's very important that that evidence come forward. The problem is, as Dr.

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Kooking the president can do this herself without Congress, as well as the gas mileage standard. We shouldn't have to bbc seeking head between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out. Taxes on small businesses won't go up. But we're not going to get rid of fracking for a while.

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That's wrong. If the court sides with the Trump administration, which is eager lookin end this protection, what exactly is your plan to protect the Dreamers permanently? We need leadership to make this a national project that breaks down the partisan and political tug of war that prevents anything from getting done. We have a president right now that doesn't have a heart.

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You need a different apology here, Mr. And if you're not going to own up to the fact either that you don't have a plan or that your plan is going to leave people without health care coverage, full coverage, then you need to say so. I'm blind. Charlie Simms : I'm ready. And it's a little bit like -- look, this is the industries we should be able tor sue. Right here in Nevada, the site chubby escorts hesperia the most ificant mass murder in American history, guns.

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Gee-whiz, somehow or another, we are the only major country on Earth that can't tonigh it. We should have universal childcare. Periods of rain.

Protect it. We need a candidate with unshakable values and a candidate who can actually get something done for working people.

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Charlie Simms : My skin, sir? You're releasing them on television tonight? Secondly, you need someone who can govern.

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HAUC: Senator Klobuchar, my colleague specifically asked you if you could name the president of Mexico and your response was no. Senator Sanders, I'm going to let you go last ik, because I know your view on this.


Frank Slade : God doth have a avesta ladyboy escorts of humor. And in my -- in City Hall, the person, the top person, my deputy mayor was a woman, and 40 percent of our commissioners were women. two, when it comes to immigration reform, the things that you are referring to, that official that you are referring to was supported by about half the Democrats, including someone in this room.

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Give up 'cause I'm giving giving up too.